How 2 COMPETITORS changed my life

I am a real estate agent in Murfreesboro, TN.  Real Estate agents are in a very commoditized business, that means there are a bunch of competitors doing the exact same thing. So, what that does, is a lot of people don’t want to share their secret sauce. A lot of people have that scarcity mindset where “Hey I got this stuff where I worked so hard to think about to accumulate all this intellectual capital (where I know something and if I tell these people my secret sauce) it will hurt me. It’s a scarcity thought.

Who cares.

There are two people that changed my life that are in the same industry. The first person is Kendra Cooke, owner of Cooke Realty Partners. I’ve got so much respect for her. Kendra has come here and out of pure will, determination, and skill, she has made herself one of THE BEST agents in the whole country.

Kendra Cooke has always been open to me and helping me with things. The first time I really had an experience with Kendra was in Coach Micheal Burt’s real estate specific class. Coach Burt taught the class along with Kendra. That day, she came in there and described things, articulated and coded out a process that forever changed my beliefs on how I was going to do things. She was the REBIRTH of me on how I want to do things moving forward. After that class, Kendra always gave me time, she said “she was an OPEN BOOK.” And guess what? She is a DAMN OPEN BOOK. She has no secrets.

So if I am seeing somebody as great as she is (bc I think she is GREAT), if she’s like this than why am I not like that? Why am I not doing the same thing? Why am I not repaying things back to people when it comes to time. I enjoy doing that.

So Kendra Cooke, I don’t know if you know this, but you have been very VERY inspirational, influential in my growth. I may have told you this a few times but I want you to know and I want everyone else in our industry to know that Kendra Cooke has been very influential in me getting better.

The other person, who I cannot leave out is Dan Elam, owner of Elam Real Estate. Dan is another person that is an open book. He will say “I’ll tell you everything but you won’t implement any of it so it doesn’t matter.”

But what he doesn’t realize is that I have implemented a lot of things but when these people are such high achievers they are smarter than me. They know more than me. And it’s ok for me to admit that because their success shows me they are smarter and they have achieved more.

Dan Elam has always taken my phone calls and has always articulated something. He would always let me talk but then he would tell me why I was wrong and I would always disagree. I knew better even though he was making twice the money than I was. I knew better than you Dan but then TIME proved me wrong. You were right Dan!

I want to thank you Kendra Cooke and Dan Elam for always giving back, even when we are in the same industry, even if we are doing the same things, even if we are fighting over the same people. More people should be like Kendra and Dan.


It doesn’t matter because Dan Elam would tell me what he knows but I can’t duplicate what Dan does, same goes with Kendra Cooke.

If you think you are really good and you don’t want to share information with others, you are only hurting yourself. We might be in this real estate industry together but we can learn from one another. We can get better.

If you are somebody that wants to get better, reach out to people. I am an OPEN BOOK as well.  I invite you, I encourage you to join me every Monday at 9 am at John Jones Real Estate for Mastering Mondays.


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