A Dog’s Life

You see that picture here on your right, with that big dog and his ear up in the air? That is our dog, Lucky and he has his head out the window. I am going to tell you a funny story about it. 

A few years ago, my good buddy, Tim Dutton, was talking to me. His office used to be right next to mine. I would always bring him my little bitty problems. I was complaining about things that were so minimal in the world, especially if you want to be a big thinker and solve bigger problems. I would walk over and I would complain about this or I would complain about that.

Tim would say, “Tommy have you ever seen a dog with his head out the window and they are riding down the road and they are just happy. Do you ever see them get mad when they are stopped at the red light? Do you ever see them get mad when someone pulls out in front of their car? They are just happy to be there. Tommy, that is how your life should be.”

You should be pattering yourself like Lucky. How often do you catch yourself getting annoyed at something so small or ridiculous that it ruins your day or it ruins your week? Do you allow this to happen?

What if you could live a life like Lucky, in this picture, with your head out the window and hair blowing in the wind? You are just happy to be in the moment.

I have found that there are three ways to live your life.

Live in the present. This is a lot harder than it sounds. Enjoy the moment like the dog with their heads out the window. They don’t have anything to worry about in the moment, they can be completely content.

Don’t live in the past. People tend to live in the past. That is the pain where you are reflecting back on the bad times where it is affecting your present. You are allowing your past to hold you hostage. It is a very painful place to be.

Don’t live in the future. This is where all our fear comes from. We are worried about this or we are worried about that. The fact is that probably 95% of what we are scared of never happens.

Today, think like Lucky, our beautiful boxer. He is not worried about his past and he is not worried about what is ahead. Lucky is just sitting there loving every minute of his ride.


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  1. Tom Gavin
    Tom Gavin says:

    GTT Seriously this is the best of the best of you that I have seen. Very well done. We need to be doing this. You’re setting the pace for my future success. Tom


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