Are you WORKING for the WEEKENDS?

Are you working for the weekends?

On our daily Morning Grind, where we come to you live on Facebook, we strive to provide you inspirational content to get you through the week. This morning we discussed working for the weekends.

Back in the day,  I lived and worked for the weekends. The whiskey, the women, and whining on Sundays. I was in a bad place in my life. I was working towards the weekend. The old Tommy was looking forward to going downtown. I did not have focus. This is where the name Good Time Tommy was created. I use this name for my brand and as focus of where I don’t want to fall back to. The weekends were costing me potential and were costing me money.

Now that I have focus, I can not afford the weekends. I cannot afford to loose the sleep. Quit looking at the weekends as a time to relax. Be very aware of what you are doing to yourself. If you are focused on going out on the weekends (and yes I was that guy and I was very good at it), remember its costing you more in the long run than one night of fun.

Become aware of what you do on the weekends. The weekends do count. Read a little bit and watch YouTube’s to gain inspiration.


Everything we do, we BELIEVE in challenging status quo-we BELIEVE in thinking differently.

We combine our bold marketing movement with our ability to assist in regulating your emotions as well navigate you through the process.

Our mission is to take you from confusion to clarity and to position you in a point of leverage whether you’re buying or selling a home.

We are CERTAIN our system works. Are you thinking about buying or selling a house? The market is moving fast and I want to help you. What is stopping us from working together?

If you are ready, I can be reached at (615)-895-7677 and

Tommy Davidson, also known as Good Time Tommy #GTT, is a real estate entrepreneur in Murfreesboro, TN. He focuses on building relationships and self improvement. Learn more about Good Time Tommy at Watch Good Time Tommy on his weekly shows called Real Estate 101 and Straight From The Gut.

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