Building Self Confidence

Are you lacking in self confidence? Are you having trouble starting the day? How would you rate your internal self confidence?

The topic on the Morning Grind (a daily podcast and Facebook Live show where we aim to give you 15 minutes of positivity to begin your work day) this morning was how to build self confidence. Confidence is the one thing that affects everything.

I believe that confidence is an inner belief in yourself that you can do whatever you have your focus on. The Weatherman (aka Steven Weathers) says that the best way to produce confidence is encouragement. For most people, there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence.

The question is how do you build this inner confidence. The Weatherman says you must remove everything from your past and scrap it. You need to start with a clean slate of mind. Your past is what tears you down.

Your past will effect your future, if you allow it. So, how do you scrap the past? First off, you have to quit speaking it says The Weatherman. Whatever you speak, you walk in. For instance, if you say you are mediocre or average, that is the quality of work you will end up producing. Exhale your past and inhale your future.

Confidence all starts with what you are telling yourself. It all starts with what you are feeding your mind. At first, you are not going to really believe what you are speaking. You have to be speak it over and over till your mind believes it. The most certain person will always win at life. When uncertainty drops in a salesperson, clients will start to shop.

When you are confident, you will build others up and not tear them down. You have got to stay true to their roots. Pretending to be someone else, you will rise fast but in return have a harder quicker fall.

If your child is lacking confidence, what can we do to build their self esteem? I believe surrounding your children around confident adults and confident children.

If you are leading a team, you will have to find ways that work to motivate your staff. Not everyone will be motivated in the same way.

How do you build and maintain your inner confidence?

Go out today and tell yourself that you are going to win. Tell yourself that “I can and I will.”


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Hi. I am Tommy Davidson, aka GoodTimeTommy #GTT, and I am a real estate and self improvement entrepreneur in Murfreesboro, TN. I have over 14 years of experience in real estate sales and the past 5 years I have started playing up to my level.

I hired a coach and surrounded myself with those who were better than me. I have read over 1,000 hours of sales training and constantly improving myself daily.

If you would like to learn more about Good Time Tommy, subscribe to my web page @ and to my youtube page @

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