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A WOW Experience

A WOW Experience A lot of my friends ask me on a regular basis, What are you trying to do with your company? Are you building a Real Estate team or focused on The GOOD TIME TOMMY BRAND? To me, this is simple. I am trying to build both. I want…
The Perfect House

I'm Building A Brand

I am building a brand. That's right FRIEND. I am getting up every single day to get more attention from the brand I am building GOODTIMETOMMY, #GTT for short. I wanted to tell you about my first speaking engagement, Building a Brand, that…

What is this GoodTimeTommy?

What is this GoodTimeTommy? #GTT Good Time Tommy Murfreesboro, TN You have so much potential. You have so much ability, if you could only activate those God given abilities. Did you hear this as much as I did growing up?  I think I heard…