Creating Your Reality

Creating Your Reality

I was the girl who was going to have a baby on Friday and be back to work on Monday. I never expected to have postpartum which took over my body to the point I could not function at all. Two weeks after maternity leave, I lost my job as a mortgage originator. I was out of a job and I was the only one making money in the household. I was like “oh isn’t this convenient, what am I going to do now?”

Carey Ann Cyr CMG Financial

Carey Ann Cyr, CMG Financial

My name is Carey Ann Cyr. I am a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Whittemore School of Business. Music brought me to Tennessee and I used my education, drive and entrepreneurial spirit to create a successful career in the mortgage industry. 

ReStarting Your Life

My life restarted at that point. At the time, I was successful doing 60 million dollars (which was a lot in mortgage production). So what was I supposed to do now that the bank let me go. I was ten years into the job so I could either go to another bank (which was the easy thing to do) or I could give up (which was a lot easier since I was going through postpartum). I decided on “creating your reality.”

I was going to recreate myself and start from scratch. What you may not know is I struggle with a learning disability. I made it through college without reading a single text book. Now I had to study for an exam to get my license while struggling with postpartum and taking care of a baby as a single parent. I was doing it all. I went into that exam with ten fingernails and left with two but I passed that exam.

The first day on the job I was told “if you drink my Kool-aide you will be very successful here but if you are an independent individual who has an entrepreneurial spirit and not drinking anyone else’s Kool-aide, you will not last.” He was right. I lasted 45 days there.

Opening My Own Branch

A buddy of mine in San Diego opened a CMG Financial branch. So, I flew across the country and took the risk of opening up my own branch.

The driving force behind me was that no matter what, I was going to be a success. If you have that fire in your belly and you have no other choice but to be successful you will be successful. Not that this comes easy. I was constantly told you aren’t that good, you aren’t needed here, you can easily listen to that noise. It takes a lot of self finding that “Yes I do want to be something grander than who I was at the time.”

Putting Systems into Place

So I opened up my own branch in Franklin, TN (CareyAnn & My Mortgage Team Powered by CMG Financial) and I told myself to start with just one. One contract would lead to two, than to three, and then just takes off. I put “Systems, Systems, and more Systems” into place. I was a new mom and starting a new job. I needed structure. So I put systems into place.

The alarm would go off every day at 4 am. I would get up and do my loan applications from the night before, I would work on approvals, and then my daughter would rise at 6 am. I would continue to be structured through out my day. The next step was that I had to recruit. I needed to rebuild my team.

You can be successful and you can lose everything, but if you can make the determination that you really want to be successful, you can do it. I had the big grand idea that maybe I could hit 100 million dollars. In my world, that is a big deal. No one achieves that. It is a lot of volume produced.

Be the Product

How was I going to achieve my big grand goal? Well I met a coach that taught me that 80% is marketing and 20% of what I do is my actual job. In my field, I am the product. For example, if you are a singer you are an entertainer. So in my field I had to be an entertainer. I had to accept the fact that I had to talk about myself. I am the product with a side of mortgage. As soon as I shifted my entire way of thinking, the phones started ringing off the hook. I started using social media and learning that to have a successful business you need to know your clients love language. Social media is a source, an intel to learn about people, you have to find a way to connect.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling. You want people to love you. You want to connect with them. In order to connect, you must understand their love language. When people say no, that gives you the opportunity to find other ways to get them to say yes. My mom always told me “thank you so much but that’s not what I would like to hear.” I need to go try again until I get a yes.

Two Pickles Method

In my office, I bring my “two pickles” which is my new soon-to-be book. It is my systematic approach to the way the office runs. With every single thing we do, and every single loan we take, we do it the exact same way every single time. You create a system. It could be 3 things, it could be 5 things. Be consistent.

I firmly believe that you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with and I have an amazing team. My team started with one, moved to two, and now I am up to eleven. “Carey Ann & My Mortgage Team” have grown to be the number one mortgage team in Tennessee and ranked #17 in the Nation.

Be the driving force behind your business. Be committed fully to what you are going to do. Utilize social media to become a person of interest. Get out there and educate for your particular industry. Share more of your story. Most importantly, be real. Do not fake it, people can see right through it. “Date, Date, Close.”

We have helped and serve over 50 families a month. Rates have gone up and the market has gone down. I have had to get strategic and think bigger. I have made some major changes in my life in order to grow bigger. I have invested more money (out of my own paycheck) to hire two more team members to help with the paper load which allowed me to focus on more growth.

Be “That Girl”

I focus on growth and I have become “that girl” who can go in and close the deal. I have become a resource. I don’t ask but I earn your business by showing you ways how we can grow our business together.

If someone is selling an apple, then you sell the orange. My office is in Franklin with every other lender. So I do business outside of Franklin and let those lenders fight over the business there. I never look at the loan size. I will drive two hours to help and serve a family. I don’t cherry pick. I look at how many families can I serve. I believe that one door opens another door. If I didn’t go where the doors opened I would not be where I am today.

Do not give up and do not give in. Remember what my mother taught me, “thank you so much but that’s not what I would like to hear.” Try three more times until you get the Yes.

“You can be successful and you can lose everything, but if you can make the determination that you really want to be successful, you can do it.”

“CareyAnn & My Mortgage Team Powered by CMG Financial” are here to help consumers purchase or refinance by saving time and money! We have been known to be the miracle workers of mortgage financing!

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