Does Your Spouse Get Upset About Your Mess

How often does the lady of the house get upset about a man making a mess in the house.

The topic on the Morning Grind (a daily podcast and Facebook Live show where we aim to give you 15 minutes of positivity to begin your work day) this morning was how often does your spouse or roommate get upset when you make a mess.

This past weekend, I (GTT aka Good Time Tommy, Tommy Davidson) came home from being out of town for two days. I came home to a clean house thanks to my fiancé (Brittany Rene’). Now the narcissist in me was expecting her to be excited to see me.  I was expecting her to hug me and say that “I am the greatest.”

What happened was I came home and ordered pizza for Nicholas and me. I was thinking Brittany Rene’ would be proud of me for ordering dinner. That was not the case.

She came home to a clean house (that she paid for to be cleaned) that now had pizza boxes and dirty dishes lying around. Here eyes grew large and started washing the dishes. I am thinking, “Man she hasn’t seen me in 2 days. Why are you going to get upset over a dirty plate?”

I want to know, would you act or react the same way? Are most men or people like me? Or am I alone in this? Is it easier to change a man’s habits or a lady’s habits?

What I have gathered from the Morning Grind this morning, is that I need to do a much better job at recognizing what Brittany Rene’ does for me as opposed to only focusing on what I do for her. The house being cleaned before I got home from my business trip, was her way of saying that she is taking care of me and my leaving trash out on the counters was being disrespectful.

I have to learn to see persecution from all sides. Perception is reality.   I cannot trust my emotions. I cannot trust how I am feeling. This is why I do the Morning Grind. By being honest and talking with you, I make an awareness to what I need to correct.

In order for me to be a better fiancé, I need to be a better man. I have to do things that I might not want to do. I have to become her biggest cheerleader. My goal is to give Brittany Rene’ a life that no one else can give her in every area of life.

Success in one area of life does not justify failure in another area. Just because I try to do all things for her does not justify failing in other areas in our relationship. I have to quit justifying.


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