How do you feel when you let others or yourself down?

Its ok…

Do you ever SLOW down long enough to say these words to yourself:  Its ok, Its ok

What am I talking about? I am in the process of convincing MYSELF that whatever X is, is ok. I am tired of my emotions telling me that I have to be perfect. I am TIRED of trying to convince others that I am right in the situation and they are wrong.

What do you ever get out of an argument/disagreement if you win? Have you ever seen another person’s score card for their wins and losses of confrontations?

I am trying to tell you It’s ok to not be right all the time. It’s ok to take feedback from others and just accept the message. Why do we get so DAMNED defensive when it comes to coming up short?

I see other Real Estate Agents fighting so hard to prove themselves right or fighting till death that their client is right. I see this as a weakness in the business world. I have admitted several times lately (to my clients) that I was wrong and that I could very easily be wrong again.

Let me ask you this??

Does this hurt or help in my clients eyes? Are they gonna use this against me and say that I am incompetent or will they admire my courage/confidence of telling the truth? For me, this is a no brainer, and builds my skill level of communication.

What am I getting at here. I am trying to help give yourself more peace and more confidence in yourself. It’s not gonna be used against you later in life if you acknowledge your wrong or you messed up. I will go further, people are more attracted to the ones that own their mistakes…

Its amazing what I see when Just say…Damn I’m sorry, I was out of line, I can easily see why you felt that way. It almost will make the other person feel bad for the correction is whats so ironic.

Remember this, just because you didn’t admit you were wrong or because you fought tooth and nail to prove the other wrong…that other person is walking away from you with a negative opinion….And it might be something you regret.


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