The Perfect House

How do you find the perfect house?

How do you find the perfect house?

The Good Time Tommy team and I discussed discussed how to find the perfect house on Real Estate 101 this week, which premiers on Facebook every Wednesday at 1 pm central, where we discuss all topics that relate to real estate.

Whenever we search for homes we use logic, but when we purchase the home that we really want, its EMOTIONAL. So we are constantly fighting that battle of logic that we started out with versus the emotion that we feel whenever we find the home that we want.

Your home search starts usually 12-18 months out and by the time you picked your realtor, you are starting to move at a faster pace and you might not be ready to make those quick decisions. You really need an agent to help you.

Our value, as an agent, is no longer just helping you find the perfect home but now includes helping guide you through the process. I call this Navigating.
I take a 3 step approach to real estate. I believe in Educating, Navigating, and Celebrating with my clients.

I Educate my clients on the front end on what to expect about this real estate process. I believe when you no better you do better.

With nearly 1,000 transactions, I can foresee problems before my clients can. If my clients will trust me, I can help Navigate them through with a lot less stress and save money throughout the journey.

Celebrating speaks for itself. I am Good Time Tommy, I like to have fun. I love people and I love to bring energy and self improvement into their life.

So how do you know when you found the perfect home? You don’t.

You make it the perfect home. You create the perfect home. You create the energy within the walls of the home.

We like to plan out our next 5-10 years of our life, but we are really living in temporary moments. Our core beliefs may not change, but things come into our life. We get a new job, we get a better job, we might lose our job, we gain a spouse, or we might lose a spouse. Our wants are temporary, but too often our minds are trying to control this process. We want this house forever.

Buy the house that you want today, buy the one that you feel like you can create your family here, you can be happy here. Don’t think about the next 15 years, that is way too far out. Think about where you are today, then focuses on creating the energy in the home to make it the perfect home.

Are you thinking about buying or selling a house? I want to be your agent. I want to Educate, Navigate, and Celebrate this transaction with you. I have over 14 years of experience in the real estate market. The market is moving fast and I want to help bring you from confusion to clarity. I would love the opportunity to work with you. I can be reached at (615)-895-7677 and

Tommy Davidson, also known as Good Time Tommy #GTT, is a real estate entrepreneur in Murfreesboro, TN. He focuses on building relationships and self improvement. Learn more about Good Time Tommy at Watch Good Time Tommy on his weekly shows called Real Estate 101 and Straight From The Gut.

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