How do you handle EMOTIONS in life?

How do you handle emotions in life?

How do You handle emotions in life, which was the topic on Straight From The Gut, this past week?

Every time I say the word emotions, it reminds me of the scene from “Anchorman” when Ron Burgundy is doing bicep curls (shirtless) and Veronica Corningstone approves , Burgandy advises Corningstone…”just watch out for the guys, they will get ya.”

I believe you have to watch out for your EMOTIONS, because they will get ya.

I have struggled for so long with my crazy-ass emotions. My emotions have held me back, caused many arguments, cost me lots of money and have brought lots of joy to others.

For years, my emotions kept me locked into moments that I should have moved on from. Maybe, I was angry, maybe my feelings were hurt, or maybe I was just being a big ASS BABY. At the time, I wasn’t emotionally strong enough to fight through this temporary state.

More problems have also been an area of concern. My emotions have powered my logic many times when it comes to wasteful spending. I hate that I couldn’t delay that instant gratification…I would too often give in and maybe over spend on something that I didn’t really need just to feel good.

I have also experienced weight gain…when I get hungry…I am gonna eat, how ’bout YOU??? I am an emotional eater, and this one is the hardest one for me to overcome, but I am very concerned about my health, so I better get this in check.

Lastly, EMOTIONS will hurt you in RELATIONSHIPS…I mean DAMN. How man times have you allowed that small problem to multiply into a much larger one?? I remember getting my feelings hurt so often, just because I was a little whiny BITCH, and making the decision to fight till the end…that I was right.

I often wanted my feelings, opinions or whatever was important to me to be acknowledged and also AGREED with.

For so many years, I was always looking for the fastest way to CUT OFF THE PAIN. I wanted that easy switch to turn off that feeling and just disappear. This could have been from Financial pain or maybe Relational pain. I was always choosing the easy way to avoid the bad feeling.

One thing I will leave you with is that it is my experience and practice today, that pain can be good, it can be a MOTIVATION and it can lead to much GREATER things in your life.


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