How to be successful with your goals

It’s the start of a New Year, and you know what that means. Everyone is sharing their goals for the year ahead. Have you thought of your goals yet? Do you know where to start? Are you feeling flustered? Are your goals big enough? Are they achievable?

I want to share you with you the insight to achieving your goals.

Why should you write your goals down? You are 25 times more likely to produce the goal if you write it down. Average people don’t do this. As a matter of fact, average people spend more time planning their vacation than they do their own goals.

Writing your goals down helps to bring you familiarity, it brings you closer to the goal. When you see something, you can attain it.

Power of goal setting. Create a life in advance to strive for. Turn off the part of your brain that tells you that you can’t do something. Make a list of what you want. Dream big for four minutes.

You will automatically tell yourself that I can’t do this or I can only do this much. There is a part in your brain that tells you this every time you want to push to a bigger goal.

There are two types of goals. One is a momentum goal. It is an easier goal and is set for the short term. The second type of goal is a stretch goal. It takes longer to achieve.

Whenever we give ourselves these easy goals, they give us confidence. It is important to set goals that you can achieve to get the momentum going. When you have a stretch goal, you need to set an alarm clock. You need to constantly have these alarm clocks going off. It is a reminder of what you should be doing. Average people have an alarm clock that goes off once a month. The greater performer will have a reminder clock set for every hour. It should be reminding you to keep you on track.

Whenever you are making a goal be sure to follow these five steps.

  1. Your goals need to be specific. Your mind needs specific details. Be more clear. I need to loose weight is not good enough. Be more specific and say I need to loose 20 pounds. Your mind cannot hit a target it cannot see.
  2. You must have an accountability partner. Share your goals with a partner. They can hold you accountable daily. It will help you become more committed.
  3. Read/Visualize daily. You have to speak these goals into existence. Say it out loud. Say I buy a pink car, I would say man since I bought this pink car I see them everywhere. In reality, the pink cars were already there. SO your mind fixates on what you are talking about. Where your purpose goes, energy flows.
  4. You need a date/deadline. Make a goal, not a wish.
  5. Expect it to happen. This will create power to attain your goal.

Write the reason for why you want to hit this goal beside every goal you want to achieve. The reason has to be bigger than the distraction. The distraction could be one day you don’t feel like working. So your goal needs to be more powerful than your distractions.


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