How to Become the 100 Million Dollar Man

How did a kid, straight out of college, go from $100 to $100 Million in productivity? John C. Jones took a chance on real estate. He was a high school and college football star and came from a family of entrepreneurs.

The business did not come easy, but John C. Jones surrounded himself with great people every single day. He would hear and watch what Howard Wall and John Floyd, owner of Ole South Properties, would say and do. A few years in to the business and after having children, he created his vision. He was determined to be #1 in this town.

John started with hiring an assistant. That first year, Michele Bufford organized and streamlined John Jones Real Estate, LLC. She increased his net income by $100,000. He then saw and understood the leverage that it would take to become #1.  He started hiring the right people for the right positions.

When the market tanked in 2008, John C. Jones started reading the fine print at the bank. He learned a lot about debt and risk. He became a better businessman. John learned that in sales the fundamentals are key. He went back to nurturing his relationships.

I have been with John C. Jones for over 16 years. He has been one of the biggest influential guys in my life. Like John, I learned quickly to surround yourself with those who knew more than you.

John was the first person to bring real estate “teams” to Murfreesboro. He set the trend for these mega teams that you will see in real estate these days. He didn’t have A Lot of people, but he had Good people. John expected excellence and it was (and still is) a true honor to walk around town and tell people I work(ed) for John C. Jones. He is my hero.

Today, he is not worried about being #1, but wanting to be a very profitable business and help those around him. John opened his business at one of the worst times to open a real estate office. It may have caused him a lot of stress but because of that, it humbled him. “It shaped me to be a better person, a better father, a better spouse, and a better businessman.” John C. Jones

At 49, looking back, what is important to the big guy? “My family but also my work family. I love to know that I am making an impact on my team. I love to see others grow and offer them a great place to grow. I also want to impact this community. I love helping high school athletics because it helped shaped me into the man I became. I want Murfreesboro to be the best community it can be.” John C. Jones

There are new programs coming into the real estate market, that John calls the Disruptors. But at the end of the day, he believes everyone of us needs help. For those “For Sale by Owners,’ they come to realize it’s a lot more work than they anticipated. We don’t buy and sell homes everyday. It is so crucial to have an expert in your lane who does this for a living. They know and understand the demands.

John believes that there will always be room for realtors. It be like buying a car or needing a tax accountant. Value your time and hire the expert to save you money, time, and reassurance. John C. Jones reminds his staff that we are selling service. Our world may be turning towards convenience but relationships is the key to longevity.

John C. Jones set the trend for these mega teams that you will see in real estate these days. He didn’t have A Lot of people, but he had Good people.