Is it TOO Late to Invest?

This morning at the gym, I was asked if it was “too late to invest in real estate?” Then at breakfast, my good buddy asked if “we are peaking, are we in a bubble?”

There are a lot of topics right now (June 11, 2018) involving real estate and if we are pricing homes too high. When will the housing bubble crash? Is it like bitcoin?

Real estate is real and what I mean by that is if you hold something that is real estate where it produces income (land is a little bit different), and you rent it out, you have someone else paying down your debt. The market does fluctuate. If you can remember back in 2009, our market in Murfreesboro, TN went down so much that people could not sell it for what the house was originally purchased for and could not afford the commissions to sell the property that they were left with either foreclosing on the home or do short sales. This caused the housing market to get pushed down even further.

The opportunity to buy came when people were in a position to buy stuff. Now, I would love to buy real estate when it is cheaper but right now, it is not cheap. That is ok. You can still buy real estate and come out ahead as long as you can hold it for 5 to 10 years. If the property can pay the debt circle and you hold it for 10 years, there is no evidence in history that you will loose money.

The best thing about Income Producing Real Estate, which means you have bought a property and have somebody renting it out it, is you have that income to pay your debt down.

Le me tell you friend, you should be investing in real estate. Make sure everything else aligns in your life. Make sure you do not have too much debt. Make sure you are not overextended in other areas. Most importantly, if a little blip happens (and they will) that you have the staying power to overcome and ride these blips out.

Always, always be investing.



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