I grew up in an area where there were a lot of unfortunate kids. There was no help. Sometimes there was no food.

Growing up I was fortunate to participate in sports. I saw first hand what sports could provide to a child. I believe the mentors that I was surrounded with totally transformed my life and the kids around me. Whenever you see this, you develop an advocacy. I have seen it, I have felt it, and I am now apart of it.

Somebody out there right now, between the ages of 10-15, needs our help.

I believe I can change that person’s life. I believe you can too. We have the manpower in place to do this. Do you believe that together we can a make a difference?

Please consider making a donation to First Shot. Their mission is to provide an opportunity for all levels of basketball players (boys and girls) to excel in a safe environment. More importantly, First Shot’s focus is towards building a stronger, more courageous spirit to face opportunities and obstacles that our youth will confront in life.

To learn more about First Shot’s mission, visit their site @ http://www.firstshotbasketball.net

“Just like #GTT someone gave me my First Shot, help us give others their SHOT!” Andy Herzer