Ronnie Martin for Murfreesboro City Council

The one thing I appreciate about Ronnie Martin, who is running for Murfreesboro City Council, is that he never shy’s away from questions. He is one the ABSOLUTE best at acknowledging situations, problems for you that may be uncomfortable, but for Ronnie he can handle it.

We had the pleasure of asking “Rocking Ronnie” the tough questions on the Morning Grind, a daily podcast and Facebook Live show where we aim to give you 15 minutes of positivity to begin your work day.

The one thing I can say about Ronnie Martin, is that whenever he gets into something he is never half way in or half way out, he is a very all or nothing kind of person.

Tune in to hear about his biggest emotional challenges, his unwavering support from his wife Cynthia Martin, and finding ways to show gratitude in the moment.

Please consider Voting for Ronnie Martin for Murfreesboro City Council.


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