What is this GoodTimeTommy?

What is this GoodTimeTommy? #GTT Good Time Tommy Murfreesboro, TN

You have so much potential.

You have so much ability, if you could only activate those God given abilities.

Did you hear this as much as I did growing up?  I think I heard I wasn’t living up to my potential more than any other comment.  My close friends told me, my coaches told me and even my mom told me.

Was there hope for ME???  I had been a half ass participant in life, and in business.  I did go to the extreme on having fun as “Good Time Tommy.”

Something had to change. My friends were making money, creating wealth and becoming better in many aspects of their life. I was fortunate enough to be around successful entrepreneurs. Thank God they influenced me…finally to TAKE ACTION.

How did this change? How did it start? What would finally happen to change someone so addicted to MEDIOCRITY?

I got a coach, I got pissed off and I committed to ACTION. I finally said I don’t give a DAMN what others think or say about me. I was on my journey to fulfilling my potential.

Over the last 8 years, which have been LONG in term of my growth for me…I’ve started to notice my efforts. I have watched over 1,000 hours of sales training, personal development, and anything else that created mind expansion.

A lesson for a spoiled rotten single child was PATIENCE. This shit takes time. I had to wait on results, preserver through the ups and downs, and continue to believe that SLOWLY I am moving towards what I am capable of.

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I am going to be real…I am going to show you how I have changed my life. I am the person you need if you have struggled most of your life, BUT YOU JUST KNOW YOU HAVE MORE. I am the authentic guy that will code a process that’s simple for you, my information may not be for everyone, but is it for YOU?

Please follow my shows: Real Estate 101, every Wednesday @ 1 pm central, and Straight From The Gut, every Thursday @ 8 pm central on

I need your help, I NEED MORE ENERGY…You give me that.

I am here to tell my story, one that has many ups and downs…BUT there is hope…I AM PROOF.


Are you thinking about buying or selling a house? I want to be your agent. I want to Educate, Navigate, and Celebrate this transaction with you. I have over 14 years of Experience in the real estate market.  The market is moving fast and I want to help bring you from confusion to clarity. I would love the opportunity to work with you. I can be reached at (615) 895-7677 and

Tommy Davidson, also known as Good Time Tommy #GTT, is a real estate entrepreneur in Murfreesboro, TN.  He focuses on building relationships and self improvement.  Learn more about Good Time Tommy at Watch Good Time Tommy on his weekly shows called Real Estate 101 and Straight From The Gut.

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